An all new restaurant based on the 2008 Disney-Pixar film, WALL-E. The story follows a robot named WALL-E, who is designed to clean up the abandoned, waste-covered Earth far in the future. He falls in love with another robot named EVE, who has a programmed task of returning to Earth to search for signs of regeneration. After WALL-E stumbles upon a seedling, he follows EVE into outer space on an adventure that changes the destiny of both his kind and humanity. This concept picks up where the film left off: just as humanity is returning to repopulate the planet and begin terrestrial life anew.

In the year 2805, the human race returned to Earth to regenerate terrestrial civilization. While re- adjusting to life on earth, a settlement, now called re-MAIN, sprung up around the Axiom providing earthbound shelter and services, as well as education and entertainment facilities. Now that humans and nature are once again thriving far beyond this place of re-genesis, this settlement has been opened to the general public as a tourist destination in the hope that future generations will return and be reminded of lessons learned through attractions and exhibits . re-MAIN has been repurposed as a retail and edutainment complex, flanked by two resorts: The Axiom – a high tech luxury hotel emulating the look and feel of its namesake, and Terra – a quirky, economy hotel built primarily from recycled shipping containers, featuring design themes from all 7 continents. Servicing the Terra hotel and other resort visitors, is re-VIVE, an indoor/outdoor café /juice bar, serving up healthy international fare prepared with fresh ingredients provided by the adjacent Agri-Culture center.

Guests can enter the establishment through the retail store or through the main entrance where they are greeted by a towering two-story living wall which, in conjunction with the attached staircases, creates an abstract homage to WALL-E himself. This stunning backdrop to the host station not only disguises the elevator housing and provides a unique texture and coloration for Wall-E’s “body,” it also acts as a natural air filtration system for the restaurant. Once inside, guests can browse through re-STORE, enjoy a gourmet juice creation from re-FRESH, or be seated for their meal. When little ones are finished with their meal, they are welcome to visit one of the re-NEW activity stations located on each floor of the restaurant, where a cast member will be present to assist them with one of many pre-planned activity choices.

This culinary establishment was built by WALL-E, EVE, and their new human friends out of existing, found materials – reclaimed and recycled to suit the needs of the restaurant. The space is divided into three areas: re-VIVE, the restaurant; re-FRESH, the juice bar; and re-STORE, the retail shop. The structure is reminiscent of the plantation style, allowing for both indoor and outdoor seating. Since organic building materials were unavailable to the builders, the restaurant is built and finished entirely in recycled metals, plastics, and earthen materials. The structural pillars are made from WALL-E’s very own cubes. The artful mix of oxidized metals and shiny, reformed plastics are a representation of WALL-E and EVE and a subtle reminder that there is beauty in diversity. The color palette is inspired by the stages of copper oxidation, but is applied in such a way as to subconsciously reinforce the theme of growth.

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