Be imaginative. Be innovative. Be a visionary. Be a team player.

B. Design

Design Philosophy

The foundation of good design is to create beautiful, functional spaces that meet the needs of the clients and positively impact all users. However, as design practitioners, we should be compelled to aim higher than producing just a good design. It is our responsibility to also design sustainably to protect, not only the earth and our natural resources, but also the health and well being of the users for which we are designing the space.

At the core we are problem solvers, but we must be collaborative, innovative thinkers, providing solutions that are adaptable and integrated into the physical and social environment. We must also be storytellers and experience makers. Storytelling is what gives a space a sense of identity, creating character, or supporting company culture. It is only through the fusion of all these principles that truly extraordinary design can be achieved.


I am currently seeking opportunities in theme park and hospitality design.  I am looking for an entry level position where I can gain experience and learn more about the industry, while at the same time being a strong asset to the team.

Examples of Our Work

B. Design marries thoughtful analysis with unleashed imagination to create highly functional workspaces, as well as immersive environments and experiences which allow guests to escape from the ordinary. Learn More